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Digital DNA Staffing

Staffing Cost Reduction Strategy



CCTG Graduate Kermit Simms add to the loan syndication consortium team members projects the Tools of 50 Billionaires.

Kermit Simms has partnered with Georgene Chase DDS to add his tools of 50 billionaires program to he  professional management of dental practice acquisition, digital human staffing and dental practice transitions.

Together, we acquire professional management control of dental practices. We then partner Pastors of local churches, like Senior Pastor Richard Cunningham, by taking professional management control of their underutilized church fellowship halls in partnership with local churches.

Mission? Apply the tools of 50 billionaires to both the acquired church fellowship hall and the dental office, financing, media and digital technology, acquistion, technology upgrade the facilities and engage in practice transition and ministry consultant services.

Together, finance the acquisition or professional media, technology of both church and dental office facilities.

Once professional managentment control of each facility is gained, we build teams of loan syndication consortiums with dental students, in mutually profitably strategies to provide younger dentists with advanced Ai technologies & staff of Digital Humans.