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C. Reno Studio Audience Facility

Pastor Kermit Simms has already enrolled 16 people personally @ $17,500 or more during R&D Period

from Atlanta headquarters to support the Nevada State Territory Launch with $350 per month.


These 16 from Reno will provide $5600 per month to be matched by the Nevada State Territory Proto-type, as a team. 

Kermit Simms will has MUST Media funded from Atlanta personally to launch the Richard birmingham church project.

Keven Lambert is funded in exchange for his financial support & partnered with Kermit Simms SONDAY's MUST Media firm. 

Now the following proto-type team must enroll 16 members for Just Do Jesus mobile Ministry Headquarters Staff & facilities.


Example of Simms' Tap-Rooting success through 4 Generations deep.

Insurance Agent Kermit Simms @ $350 per month (plus 5 people taproot) to qualify for life insurance agent enrollment positions.

1. Church Pastor: Richard Birmingham - Washoe Valley Church @ $350 per month (plus 5 people in Reno area).

2. Healthcare pro: - Dr. Georgene Chase Bryon B.Stein @ $350 month (plus 5 people in Reno ).

3. Business owners Couple - Ken & Angie Hines.

A. Angie Daniel Hines @ $350 per month (plus 5 people in Reno area) to qualify for Mobility Position.

B. Ken Hines @ $350 per month (plus 5 people in Reno area) to qualify for Media Ministry position.

4. National Minister of Music brought to Reno - Kevin Lambert @ $17,500 and $350 per month.

Kevin Lambert @ $350 per month (plus 5 life insurance agents (plus 5 people from each to qualify for sales lead vendor) 


Now Simms to recruit 50 Reno Life Insurance agents @ $350 per month each to provide marketing support of MUST Media Programs & Products in one of 50 states.

The 50 life insurance agents enrolled fund and establish the full-time staff for MUST Media Personal Seat License program & Live Stream Broadcast Studio Audience facility.


To become an 8 income earning Just Do Jesus rep,

you pay $150 for promotional strategy rights to apply our Pastors' 8 Contractual Income tools.

Refer 5 people to our $6497 product or $17,500 Technology & Territory Program to earn $17,500.


You will earn $3500 x 5 referrals = $17,500 commissions earned on only a $150 investment.

Once you earn $17,500 from your $150 certification cost paid to pastor, you now buy either:


A. our $6497 Business Credit product from your $17,500 generated commissions or

B. our $17,500 Technology and Territory Program. Warning, we only have 16 County Territories in NV.


What do you get for your $150 fee paid?

1. Case study Materials @ Pastor Simms historical insurance agent career @ How Money Works. 

2. CCTG Finders Fee Agreement from lenders for How FInance Works @

3. Personal Seat License to studio audience @ PSL example @ Altanta Stadium.

4. Broadcast syndication rights for a media territory to earn $42,000 for a Tesla Cybertruck.

5. SONDAY Promotional Rights to Tesla robotaxis.

6. SONDAT Promotional rights to Fortune Management.

7. SONDYA Promotional Rights Strategy for Raintree Sales.

8. SONDAY Promotional Rights Stratetegy for Kare Mobile dental Clinics on Demand.


Invitation to tour of SmileRestore Facility Color of Neon Facilty, Just Do Jesus Mobile Ministry HQS of Nevada.



Once you pay your $150, you must attend a Pastor Simms SONDAY Syndication Session for Ministry Certification. 

Call Pastor Simms and pay your $150 by Zelle to hold your county territory, giving you time to qualify.